Thank you for your interest in Cornerstone Enrichment! Registrations for the 2017-18 school year have closed. Please check back in early 2018 for our schedule for the 2018-19 school year. 
About Us

Cornerstone Enrichment is a home school supplemental education tutoring program for motivated, college-bound, high school students. Our goal is to provide a quality, affordable tutorial program, that will encourage students to excel academically and prepare them for college. Most of our classes meet two days a week in a university model to prepare students for college rigors while allowing teachers the time needed to cover the material thoroughly. This, also, affords our students the opportunity to build relationships which aids in classroom dynamics. In addition, we offer year-long classes to ensure students are given ample time to master the concepts covered in each class.

This program was created in 2011 by two home school moms in order to pair caring, capable tutors with students in one common location. We found that as our children reached high school and their educational needs became more advanced, it became more difficult to provide them with the additional instructional support and accountability they needed to further themselves academically. This program looks to provide tutors, who are enthusiastic in their fields of interest, to help motivate and direct our children in their pursuit of academic excellence.

All payments will be paid directly to the tutors and facility. The tutoring program and cost will be a direct fee for service.

Below is the link to Cornerstone Enrichment’s FB page. We give updates on registrations and other helpful information. Please join us there to get firsthand updates!