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To ensure Cornerstone Enrichment is right for your family,
before registering, please read our

Policies and Other Important Information
2017-2018 Calendar

2017-2018 Daily Class Schedule

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Registration Information for 2017- 2018 School Year
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Registrations for 2017-18 will open on Friday, March 10, 2017. Registration form will be available below at that time. We will email all families within a week of receipt of your registration. Priority enrollment is given to current families for the first week. After that, it is first-come, first serve.

If any class becomes full, we will list it here and on the Facebook page as FULL. Please check class descriptions before registering. PLEASE DO NOT inquire about class availability via email, phone call, or Facebook as we post the most current information on the website and our FB page and is up-to-date with any information we have. If the course you are intending your child to take has filled prior to your registration’s arrival, your deposit will be returned to you and you will not be required to pay for the remainder of tuition.

We will only accept registrations for classes through July 31 to give tutors and administrators time to prepare for the school year. If any class is full, we will list it here as full. We do NOT wait list since all families agree to a full year upon registration.

ONLY postmarked SNAIL MAIL registration forms will be accepted. (We do not accept electronic or hand-delivered registrations.) Please do not place in our mailbox or bring to our house. We order registrations by postmark. If your registration is not postmarked it will not be processed.

Please read, in their entirety, the four items listed at the top of this page before registering to ensure Cornerstone Enrichment is right for your family.  

Registration form has been intentionally removed. Registrations for 2017-18 are now closed. Please check back in early 2018 for information on our 2018-19 school year classes.