Policies and Important Information

Please read ALL the following question/answers to help determine if Cornerstone Enrichment is right for your family. 

Are the courses at Cornerstone Enrichment for students who struggle academically?

All courses are intended for college-bound students, designed with rigorous expectations, and supportive of independent studying in order to prepare them for success in college. Students need to be academically motivated and independent learners (appropriate for their age) who can benefit from in-class group discussion. If your student greatly struggles with a subject, does not excel in a classroom setting, or needs remedial tutoring, individual tutoring is likely a better fit for them. Some of our tutors may be available for individual tutoring. If you’d like information on this, please let us know. We’d be glad to get you in touch with them.


Are your courses suited for students with special needs or learning disabilities?

No, Cornerstone Enrichment is not equipped to service students with special needs. Our tutors do not have a background in special ed, and due to the limited time we have with students during the week, we cannot adequately meet the needs of your child.


Why do you meet two days a week instead of one?

1. The university model helps prepare students for college expectations and rigors.
2. In our math, science, and literature classes, the tutors need two hours to cover the material thoroughly to ensure students fully grasp concepts.
3. Since an hour at a time is all most students will continue to absorb material, we feel two days a week is most beneficial. We know our attention spans cannot handle much more than that either!
4.  Meeting two days a week affords the students opportunity to get to know each other well, and this, in turn, aids greatly in class discussion and study opportunities (another college-prep benefit).


My child has one session and is only there for one hour, can I or our other children and I just wait in a classroom?

Cornerstone has a strict drop-off only policy. We do not have the capacity and for insurance reasons we cannot allow this. We ask that you drop your registered student off and wait somewhere else while they are in class. Enjoy a few minutes to yourself or with your other children! There are many close options where you could wait:
The Lewisville Library is just up the road a little less than a mile away. http://www.forsyth.cc/library/Lewisville/default.aspx
The Coffee Mill is near Lowes Food on the same exit. http://thecoffeemillnc.com/
Joanie Moser Park is an outdoor option nearby: http://www.co.forsyth.nc.us/Parks/JoanieMoser/
Taco Bell, Bojangles, Wendy’s are all right at the Clemmons exit. Also, J.Butler’s is at that exit as well as a pizza place.
Alex’s Sandwich and Ice Cream Shop is also just a quarter-mile down the road and Liberty Family Restaurant even closer.
Food Lion and Lowes Foods are also less than a mile away if you care to get your grocery shopping done while your child is in class.


My child has a 9:00 – 10:00 class and an 11:30-12:30 class; can they just work quietly in a classroom during the 10:15-11:15 class time? May I stay and work with them?

We are sorry, but we are not equipped to do this. We ask that students not in a class are picked up and return for their next class later. Again, there are a lot of nice places easily accessed if your home is not local and are short drives for those who have teen drivers and for parents who may need to return later. (See above list.)


What happens if I drop my child off early or pick them up late?

If your child is on campus more than 15 minutes before their registered class or remains on campus past the time any subsequent class begins, your student will be asked to sit in a class currently in progress so they have supervision. We will charge a supervision fee of $25 for any portion of an hour students are left on campus during a class period they are not registered for. This would need to be paid to the teacher who supervised your child before your child would be allowed to return to any subsequent classes. We are very disappointed to have to do this. However, if we allow some to hang out unsupervised, we have to let all. This could mean we have 50+ students hanging out at any given time. This is just not feasible.

Unfortunately, we had numerous occasions of students not being picked up on time or dropped off over 15 minutes early for classes regularly (not simply single instances of running late, but planned early drop-offs/late pick-ups). As we much prefer people govern themselves and hate to implement a policy regarding this, it has become a necessity.


Will there be supervision of my child at the church?

There will be at least one adult on campus from 9:00 AM to the close of the day. Each tutor’s primary responsibility will be to tutor the children, not police them in the hallways during class switching time or lunch. We allow this time for students to socialize and enjoy each others’ company, and we expect students will conduct themselves in a manner worthy of being in a church facility and not rough-housing or acting inappropriately. However, at any given time there will be adults in the facility, and they will bring it to the parent’s attention if it is noticed your child was behaving poorly.


My child will be at the facility during lunch time; do I pack a lunch?

Please pack a cold lunch for them in a cooler type bag as we will not have refrigerator space nor microwave use for their lunch. Most students bring a lunch and eat together outside or in the fellowship hall. Some students opt to drive to get lunch by themselves or with others. We will not be able to keep track of who is supposed to be there and who is not. You will need to make your instructions clear with your children. There will be many children of driving age and we will not know who is allowed to leave with whom to go grab a bite to eat. So if this is not something you allow your child to do, please inform them of the consequences of going against your directions. We have found students enjoy this time to hang out


How do parents determine how many credits each Cornerstone Enrichment class is worth?

Each home school decides what constitutes a credit in their school. However, a general rule of thumb is 120-180 hours of grade level work = 1 credit. (see HSLDA website for more information)

Example: Your student is in American History for 1 hour at Cornerstone Enrichment. At home they work 3-4 hours a week on their studies. After 30 weeks, your student will have 120-150 hours of American History work. 


My child will be driving to/from the facility, will you make sure they arrive/leave safely?

This just is not possible for us to do this. Please have them give you a quick call/text upon arrival/leaving so that they are accountable to you.


Why do you require a commitment to pay for the full year’s tuition?
1. Sadly, we have found many people will quickly register for classes at several locations to keep all options for their student open instead of sincerely being committed to a program. This fills space that other committed students could occupy. At Cornerstone Enrichment, we want to give priority to those have prayerfully considered all options and have determined Cornerstone Enrichment is right for their family.
2. When students are removed from the roster, this affects our tutors. To ensure longevity of our quality tutors at Cornerstone Enrichment, tutors need to receive just compensation for their commitment to plan, teach, mentor, and purchase materials for the full year. Teachers have a minimum class requirement as well as a maximum. When students drop it negatively affects the class.

We, in good faith, reserve a spot for your student and we ask that you would complete your commitment as well.  Please do not sign up for any class that you are not sure you can commit to.


Why do I have to write so many different checks, why can I not just make out one?

Cornerstone Enrichment is not a business, and we do not want any funds filtering through a business account. Each tutor will be paid directly, just as it would if you went to them for tutoring privately. We are simply pulling all the tutors into one place for everyone’s convenience and, hopefully, saving gas, money, and time in the process.


When is my first payment due?

To reserve a place in a class, a non-refundable/non-transferable $25 deposit of tuition and all fees for each respective class will be due at the time of registration. See each class descriptions or registration form for exact amounts.


When is my full tuition due?

The payment balance for the first semester is due on July 1st. Make checks payable to each tutor. The second semester payment is due on November 1st. Late fees of $25 per week/per class apply for any tuition not paid on the due date.


Can I visit a tutoring session I am interested in registering my child for?

In order to reduce distractions for our current students and tutors, we do not allow on site visitations. This applies to friends and siblings who want to attend or visit with a student also. Tutors are always willing to dialogue with families about their classes. Please let us know if you’d like us to get you in touch with any tutor.


Do you have a dress code?

We are a Christian group and strongly feel it’s our responsibility to be modest in our dress as we represent Christ and out of respect for the church facility. Appropriate dress would include undergarments and leggings well-covered; midriff/cleavage covered; no tank, spaghetti strap, or strapless tops; no short shorts or skirts (fingertip length is always a safe choice); as well as making sure any emblems/wording on clothing are appropriate.