The AP Language and Composition course is an introductory college-level composition class where students will be exposed to a challenging range of fiction, nonfiction prose, textbooks, and novels. The course will prepare students for the three-hour Advanced Placement Examination in May through a focus on rhetorical study and critical thinking skills. Students will develop their ability to work with language and text with a greater awareness of author purpose, particular audience, and demands of the subject through close reading exercises and frequent writing. Through examining essays, letters, speeches, images, and literature students will acquire reading maturity and possess a repertoire of stylistic options in their writing. Performance expectations are appropriately high and the workload is challenging. Students are expected to commit to a minimum of five hours of coursework per week outside of class including novel reading which will be completed on the student’s time. Students will produce major essays that undergo intensive peer review and teacher conferences before being graded, as well as minor weekly essays and an extensive research paper in the spring semester. Students completing this course and the May examination will have the opportunity to be granted advanced placement and/or college credit as a result of satisfactory performance. My goal is that each student attains a “3” or higher on the AP Examination and more importantly cultivates the ability to think critically, become powerful writers, and be a productive member of his or her community.

The optional AP exam is approximately $100 and is administered at another location. This will be organized by Sonja Davis.