Personal Finance – Shawn Collins

Every young adult should have a good foundation in basic finance. This class opens your student’s eyes to the responsibilities of “real life.” They will immediately see the practical applications.  This class will incorporate videos using Foundations in Personal Finance for Homeschool by Dave Ramsey.

Foundations in Personal Finance: Home School Student Text   will be required for this course.    ISBN  1936948192

Lessons include:

Unit 1: Saving and Investing

Unit 2: Credit and Debt

Unit 3: Financial Responsibility and Money Management

Unit 4: Insurance/Risk Management and Income/Careers

This course will meet one day a week. 

Wednesday – 10:15-11:15

Course Cost:

Due at registration to Shawn Collins – $80 ($25 deposit + $55 supply fee) non-      refundable, non-transferable

-Due on the first day of classes – $100

-Due on the first day of second semester classes – $125

Due at registration – $12 non-refundable facility fee made payable to Collide Church