Literature & Composition D with an Advanced Placement English Language Option – Sonja Davis

Our literature courses are designed to build upon each other. We recommend students take the literature course that matches their writing and higher order thinking abilities. New students will need assessment before placement in this class. We want our students to succeed, yet be challenged. We will help you find the best fit for them.

This high school literature course explores literary works from a variety of authors. We will analyze and discuss poems, short stories, dramas, and novels. In addition to discussing works from different literary genres, the course concentrates on helping students to honestly interpret each work based on their knowledge of time periods, author’s lifestyle/worldview, and how author’s build works. To aid in this, students will study many literary terms in-depth and will be expected to use these terms in their interpretation of literature. Students in this class must be able to discuss books for their deeper meaning and have higher-level thinking skills. This class is designed to be rigorous and rewarding, yet fun! It is always easier to learn when having fun!  Students will learn how to honestly analyze literature themes, content, and purpose based on a Christian worldview.  This class is not an AP class, but is designed to prepare students for college or AP level literature classes.
Recommended Grades 11-12 -dependent upon writing and higher order thinking skills. New Cornerstone Enrichment students will need assessment before placement in this class.

Writing: Students at this level should be able to
-create an outline independently
-write full-length (3-5 page), strong essays comfortably
-edit their own works
-format essays in nationally accepted formats

Literature in the class will require in-depth analysis and higher level comprehension abilities. Works chosen will be poems, short stories, and full-length novels from a variety of authors.  Before classes begin in August, a complete book list with specific ISBNs will be emailed to all enrolled. Books will need to be purchased by each family. For this class, new books are required for annotation purposes. Student workbook for this class will be purchased by Sonja and cost is included in the supply fee.

Students will
-learn how authors develop works
-learn how literary devices aid in work development  
-analyze books through discussion and writing
-learn how to annotate for deeper meaning and retention
-learn how to peer review
-learn how to lead discussions
-collaborate on projects
-present projects to classmates

This class meets twice a week – Monday and Wednesday – 10:15 – 11:15
Class minimum: 8 

Course Cost:
Due at registration to Sonja Davis – $100 ($25 tuition deposit + $75 supply/workbook fee) non-refundable, non-transferable
-Due on July 1st– $150.
-Due on November 1st – $175.

Due at registration – $12 non-refundable facility fee made payable to Trinity Community Church