Drawing 101 – Lisa Burley
Students in drawing class will explore a variety of techniques and mediums in an effort
to experiment, develop, and strengthen their sketching and rendering skills. Weekly
sketchbook assignments and in class projects will increase student’s ability to draw
what they see. Basics such as shading, perspective, foreshadowing, line, shape, form,
and texture will be some of our guided explorations. Several larger projects will be
spread throughout the year that apply skills learned through sketchbook practice.
Students who have previously taken Art 101 will benefit from taking this class again. New material will be presented and new projects will be assigned.
Class meets 1 day per week on Mondays from 1-2

Course Cost:
Due at registration to Lisa Burley  – $115 ($25 tuition deposit + $90 supply fee) non-refundable, non-transferable
-–Due at registration – $12 non-refundable facility fee made payable to Collide Church

-Due on July 1st – $100
-Due on November 1st – $125.