Advanced Placement Environmental Science (Year Long Course)

(AP Exam May 2020 is optional but encouraged).
Advanced Placement Course will be weighted and graded with an additional point to the standard GPA.


Kelly Simeonides will be meeting with this group twice weekly and will utilize The Princeton Review Cracking the AP Environmental Science Exam 2019 Edition.  Students will be taught with a focus of scoring well on the AP Exam, thereby demonstrating a mastery of difficult content and likely earning college equivalent credit.  The course will be supplemented with Creationist viewpoints and excerpts from the books of Journalist Reporter Fred Pearce (When the Rivers Run Dry: Water – the Defining Crisis of the 21st Century and With Speed and Violence: Why Scientists Fear Tipping Points in Climate Change).  Topics covered will stem from the following Categories: Earth Systems and Resources; The Living World; Population; Land and Water Use; Energy Resources and Consumption; Pollution; and Global Change.  Students will also be challenged to debate contemporary issues such as Fracking, GMOs, Climate Intensification, Desertification and Viable Energy Resources.  The tutor will discuss the material covered at home and will assist students in preparing for debates and performing lab activities, including water, soil and air quality testing. Formal lab reports will be required.
For students aspiring to take the AP Exam in May, the tutor will continue to meet with students once a week after the school term has ended in April 2021.  The AP Environmental Science Exam fee is estimated to be an additional $130.00
Grades 10th-12th

This group will meet twice a week – Monday and Wednesday – 1:00 – 2:00

Course Cost:
Due at registration to Kelly Simeonides – $100 ($25 deposit + $75 supply fee) non-refundable, non-transferable

Due on July 1st – $150
Due on November 1st – $175

Due at registration – $12 non-refundable Facility Fee made payable to Collide Church