Lisa Burley has had Art ingrained in her since childhood. She’s thankful for how it helped her overcome learning difficulties. Being a visual learner, Lisa was able to find success with challenging subjects by using pictures that gave illustration to solve problems. This ability helped her in reading comprehension, math, history, science and a variety of other subjects. Lisa’s love for art drove her to take every art related class possible in High School. Lisa continued to draw and learn about art through her work, books, and the internet. In 2008, she was encouraged by a friend to homeschool her son to help him with some of the learning difficulties he was experiencing much like Lisa had experienced. During this time, her homeschooling friend informed Lisa that the homeschool community had a need for Art to be offered as a formal elective. This was a perfect fit combining Lisa’s God given artistic talent with the opportunity to share it with young people fulfilling a lifelong dream of being able to share her gift. This also deepened her relationship with God as she was able to see how He had orchestrated the circumstances to find this purpose. She has been sharing, by teaching students in the homeschool community for over 9 years with a variety of Co-Ops, the wonders of the most amazing artist and creator ever known. Lisa believes “There are no learning disabilities, only God’s possibilities!”